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ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy is a social enterprise that strives to build a better world. The company develops sustainable housing holistically. The aim is to increase the vitality of rural areas, lowering the cost of housing, reducing environmental and climate impacts and building a fairer world.


The impact of the Älykylä® project can be seen from many different angles. It can be viewed regionally from residents,
municipality, companies or province perspective, but also from the perspective of society as a whole.


For Älykylä® residents, the concept offers lower housing and living costs, a smaller carbon footprint and more community spirit. In an Älykylä®, you are not alone, even if you live alone.

The quality of life of Älykylä -smart villages inhabitants, will be improved by providing a safe, healthy and friendly living environment, covering the entire residential area. Living in Älykylä -smart villages emphasizes the ease, communality and happiness of everyday life.


The countryside and moving to rural areas is already a trend. According to surveys, about a quarter of city dwellers would like to move to the country. For its part, the crisis period has further accelerated the new housing trend. Demand for rural housing solutions is growing since moving to rural areas has increased significantly. However, the supply of existing housing does not meet demand. Arctic Smart Village Oy has a solution for this.


Älykylä® is a pioneer in the market of the future housing!


According to the company’s ideology, the vitality of the countryside can be secured by doing the right thing.

The Association for Finnish Work awarded ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy both the Avainlippu (Key Flag) label and the Finnish Social Enterprise label as proof of our commitment to supporting Finnish work and developing society. In addition, the company is a member of the ARVO Association and the Green Building Council Finland.



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Housing savings consist of the cooperative model, energy production and distribution, and resource wisdom. The circular and sharing economy in the Älykylä -smart village reduce the need for raw materials, vehicles, equipment and machinery.



Climate-positive housing in the Älykylä - smart village arises from energy-efficient construction, smart home technology solutions and the production, distribution and optimization of renewable energy. The goal is to sequester carbon and produce energy without emissions.



Global megatrends are making self-sufficient and independent communities even more attractive. Climate change globally requires the development of climate-positive housing, which is one of the key goals of the Älykylä® concept.



Communality improves the well-being of the individual, the community and society. In the Älykylä® -smart village, communality is the main part of the natural everyday life, from planning to construction phase solutions as well as housing phase procurement and doing things together.


Join the network of Älykylä® builders

We are constantly looking for companies to implement Älykylä® construction projects with us. An extensive network of actors in different sectors is needed to meet the growing demand.


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Gadolin Älykylä®, Mynämäki  The world’s first model of a new way of rural living based on the Älykylä® -smart village concept.

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Resident acquisition services for municipalities

ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy offers population acquisition services aiming to develop sustainable housing for municipalities suffering from population loss.


With the help of the Älykylä® concept, the municipality’s traction and holding power, as well as vitality, will be given a new impetus. The new, modern, communal and sustainable Älykylä® attracts new permanent residents to the municipality and offers those considering emigration a new option to remain a resident of the municipality.


The Älykylä® concept offers municipalities in sparsely populated areas sustainable population development, more tax revenues, a more assertive regional brand, direct and indirect vitality effects, new business, more purchasing power and jobs.


Are you interested? Feel free to contact us and we will discuss how we can help your particular municipality.


The Älykylä.fi portal offers more information about the housing cooperative model, among other things, and serves as a meeting place for residents, developers, builders and service providers interested in Älykylä.
In the service, you can register as a resident or service provider.

Registration is risk free and free of charge!

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Mika riipi

County Governor at Regional Council of Lapland

“The future of rural municipalities will be formed on how well we can manage to attract new residents to the region. The interest in living in Lapland is growing. The number of jobs is rising, and workers need accommodations. Mining projects, growth in the forest sector, and increasing tourism increasingly need workers. We now have to decide whether to provide workers with temporary working accommodation or to provide a permanent home for workers and their families. The service network in the sparsely populated areas also needs a new, more sustainable approach.

ASV Arctic Smart Village Ltd. focuses on the construction of residential acquisition and housing development in a far-reaching future. The holistic and residential based living model offers a new alternative to rural area living. In ASV’s Älykylä® concept, I see good fundament to grow the vitality of municipalities and the whole Lapland, and to meet many of the challenges of the region. “

jaakko ylinampa

Director General Lapland's Centre for Economic Development, Transport, and the Environment

“Growing livelihoods also need sustainable housing solutions. The Älykylä® concept from Arctic Smart Village Ltd. brings a new housing option in addition to existing solutions, which has excellent possibilities to influence the future of rural municipalities in a long-term perspective. Älykylä® is an attractive living alternative for both workers and their families. The concept could also help in recruiting for large projects while building homes instead of accommodations.”


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    Questions and answers

    In the smart village, the residents set up a cooperative that is responsible for construction. The cooperative applies for a state guarantee and a construction loan from a credit institution, insurance company, pension institution or municipality. Residents must pay a contribution fee of approximately 10% of the cost of construction. The membership fee will be refunded at the end of the membership, if there are no obstacles.

    The price of construction is determined by the whole to be built. Just like in other construction, the price is affected by the size and quality of the buildings and the level of equipment. When building a smart village, certain factors differ from traditional construction. For example, there is no need to pay for a local company for the electricity connection, but the share can be used for an investment in a joint energy plant. A smart home system costs a little more than a traditional electrical system, but brings savings during housing and significantly increases living comfort. In addition, it enables energy-efficient housing. The biggest savings in construction come from being able to make multiple houses at the same time, duplicate plans, intensify site supervision, tender for larger contracts and orders, and otherwise operate more efficiently. The total savings can be as much as 20% of the construction cost.

    There are always risks in owner-occupied housing. So in the Smart Village. However, you do not own an apartment, but the cooperative is the owner. As demand declines, the demand for houses decreases and the value may fall. Of course, we would like to think that people who come to live in Älykylä invest in the future with the intention of living in Älykylä for a long time. But not everything can always be predicted and a situation may arise that needs to be changed. In this case, you will receive a refund of the contribution you paid in accordance with the terms.

    You can also earn income if you work for the cooperative. By working, you get paid and support the cooperative’s business. Jointly owned companies can make huge profits. As with business in general, companies are meant to make a profit. In a smart village, the services or commodities produced can also be seen as a profit. Because you live in a rent, you also have the option of receiving housing allowance for rent.

    When building a smart village, investments are made to achieve financial savings. After 10 years, the loans taken out for investments have mainly been repaid and the financing costs have decreased. For example, energy production becomes very affordable when financial costs are eliminated. The financial costs of housing also decrease over time (depending on the loan agreement) and run out. In ten years, companies established by a housing cooperative can grow into even high-profit units, the result of which will benefit the members of the cooperative as savings in housing costs or even as income. This makes housing very competitive compared to other solutions.

    You have the right to apply for a refund of the cooperative fee up to the amount you paid when you joined the cooperative. The refund of cooperative fees is agreed in more detail in the cooperative’s rules. In principle, the contribution fee will be refunded upon change if the conditions are met.

    Residents provide services in the smart village. They can do it voluntarily and on their own, as well as for the pleasure of others, employed by the cooperative, as a light entrepreneur or even through their own company. The most important thing, however, is that the services are easily accessible. The entity may also outsource services to third parties if the desired services are not produced in-house. For example, a masseur or hairdresser may visit at agreed times to provide their services to community members.
    ASV Oy cannot promise services because we do not know in advance what kind of know-how to move to Älykylä or whether they are willing to provide services. However, we can target marketing to groups that could provide the desired services in the community and thereby try to influence the production of services.

    We cannot give such a guarantee. Communality comes from people and doing things together. We hope that people who value community and want to work for the community will move to Smart Island. We have built things that support community within the Älykylä® concept at different levels, from ownership and governance to trying to motivate community members to make a better future for themselves and their neighbors. Community is an important value that is seen as improving the quality of life and to which we want to contribute.



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