Joining the cooperative is done by paying a self-financing contribution in the form of a participation share, which is about 10% of the construction costs. The participation share is paid in three instalments. First, a reservation fee is paid, which is part of the participation share. We will refund the reservation fee if the participation or project is cancelled until the establishment of the cooperative. The participation share is the total self-financing minus the reservation fee. It can be paid in two instalments.

The cooperative to be formed borrows 90% of the total cost. 60% of the loan is a government-deficiency guaranteed loan and at least 30% a regular bank loan. Thus, a state guarantee is sought from the Housing Financing and Development Center (ARA) for the property under construction. If necessary, bridge financing will be sought from the financial institution.

As there are no middlemen, construction costs are lower than traditional construction. The members of the cooperative get a rental right to their apartment. The tenant is entitled to housing allowance.

The comparative calculation presented on this site is indicative, and all figures are in euros. The estimate does not consider the cost of land nor property tax. The average price of a plot in Finland is 50 000€.



  1. Planning and designing the entirety in cooperation with the residents.
  2. Reserving and confirming of the apartment with the reservation fee.
  3. Establishing a Housing Cooperative and transferring reservation fees to a Housing Cooperative: A cooperative can be found when 50% of the first phase homes are reserved. If there are not enough reservations to start construction, the reservation fees will be fully refunded. Members pay the first instalment of the participation fee to the cooperative’s account.
  4. Competitive bidding for the main design.
  5. Competitive bidding for electrical, HVAC, and other design work.
  6. Applying for building permits.
  7. Competitive bidding for contractors and suppliers.
  8. Conclusion of contracts.
  9. Construction begins when the members of the cooperative unanimously decide to start building, proper permissions have been obtained, and those responsible have been designated.
  10. Progress monitoring: Members will be informed of the progress of the project and may also visit the site as agreed. The cooperative will have meetings already during the construction phase.
  11. Moving to a new home, after the final inspection and the final instalment of the participation fee is paid.
  12. Starting a business.
  13. The housing cooperative maintains the buildings, and the residents participate in the activities and decision-making according to their wishes.


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