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by jani kaaresto

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jani kaaresto

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We are halting the rural depopulation now..
Arctic Smart Village Oy makes rural housing attractive, modern and sustainable!

A quarter of city dwellers would like to move to the countryside.

The time of crisis has accelerated a new trend in housing, moving from cities to rural areas. According to Statistics Finland, a record number of people have moved to the country in April-June 2020.

The lack of suitable housing slows migration. There are no rental apartments, or they are old and in poor condition. Old houses are not dared to be bought due to indoor air problems and the value development of housing in rural areas is a concern. Often, vacant houses do not go on sale at all but remain as vacation places. To grant a construction loan, the bank may require additional collateral of up to 60% or a deductible of up to 40%. Families with children are intimidated by large loans due to the precarious state of the world. The fear of loneliness still postpones the decision to move into a new place..

Combating climate change requires a renewal of the construction industry.

Solutions for carbon-neutral construction exist, but their implementation is tangled. Solutions might be even cheaper than the old ones, but construction companies are slow to adopt them.


Regards the countryside as a place for a good life


Finns want the countryside to remain vibrant


Cheaper construction with group building


Annual increase in housing costs, e.g. as energy prices rise


The carbon footprint of Finns is caused by housing

Arctic Smart Village Oy is renewing the rural housing and developing the entire construction industry to be more sustainable.

Business model: We sell resident acquisition services to municipalities on a “turnkey” basis. Municipalities commit to paying compensation about the residents who move to the Älykylä -smart village. Residents pay for our planning indirectly in the form of commissions we charge from the construction contractors.



  • GeoHouse Älykylä in Utajärvi; target marketing will begin in mid-October
  • Mynämäki Älykylä; planning started
  • Hailuoto Älykylä ; direct procurement notice in Hilma
  • Muonio Älykylä ; in the municipal board September 28.
  • Ranua Älykylä ; in the municipal council
  • The estimated total income of the properties is € 1,802,000


ASV’s platform-based business model puts together the producers of the best solutions on the market and enables renewal in future without its own significant development investments. Development is done in companies.


We also sell expert services related to, for example, cooperative housing and regional construction directly to groups and companies. In addition, we are starting business support functions to cover expenses.


Export planning is underway, and the actual preparation will begin as the financing is arranged.


Älykylä® is a new housing model to facilitate new construction and moving to the countryside. The cooperative model has been developed with ARA the Housing Financing and Development Center. In Älykylä -smart village, the cooperative acts as the builder of the project. Residents own the cooperative, and at the same time, residents are tenants to the cooperative. Because the cooperative applies for a building loan and collateral, residents do not have to take out a personal mortgage.  


Älykylä® is:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Ecological
  • Energy self-sufficient
  • Carbon neutral
  • Safe
  • Communal
  • Resident friendly


Arctic Smart Village enhances the vitality, prosperity and quality of life of people in rural areas, as well as sustainable living around the world. The company is a clear pioneer in the development of sustainable rural housing. Target marketing for the pilot site will begin on October 17th. ARA, Granlund Consulting Oy, Toni Yli-Suvanto Oy, Platform Of Trust , Schneider Electric, Holda Energy Solutions Oy, Heliostorage Oy, Seniortek Oy, Kiirunatalot Oy, Veho, the Federation of Northern Ostrobothnia and the Municipality of Utajärvi have been involved in the planning of the pilot project.  


In addition, Lakiasiaintoimisto Neuvonen Oy (Law Office),Suomen Säätiötilipalvelu ( Finnish Foundation Account Service), Fulmore Oy, PoPa Oy, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, University of Lapland, University of Vaasa, Sodankylä Municipality, Lapland Association, Pro Agria Lapland, MTK and numerous other parties are developing the concept and business operations.

The future outlook for ten years

  • 30 Älykylä® -smart villages have been established in Finland, and thousands of people live in smart villages
  • We have created 100 new jobs
  • We are a sought-after and well-known partner in sustainable housing in Finland
  • We export the world’s best Finnish sustainable construction know-how to significant international markets
  • We have generated 20 million in revenue from the implementation of Älykylä® -smart villages. 


Media interest in Älykylä® has been great. Meltwater’s media monitoring estimates the visibility value achieved during 2020 at EUR 221,000 (September 24, 2020). Our encounters with municipal decision-makers, potential residents and our partners have shown that we are solving the right problem. There is no other actor that would offer a concrete solution for rural municipalities to acquire residents. The company is also of interest to international players and aims to start exporting in the next few years.  


Alone may not accomplish anything significant, and that is why we are looking for investors to change the world – Smart Village at a time.